The Kinky Diary of Miss Titty Sweat
About me ...
My name is Jan Pillemann Otze.
I am male and come from Germany.

What i like ...
Naugthy and Kinky Girls
-Kelly Wells, Jordan Blue, Bobbi Starr, Belladonna, Viktoria (GGG) ...
Sexy Women
-Estelle Taylor (My Avatar), Kay Parker, Brigitte Lahaie, Janet Lupo ...
Milkmaid MZ Long Boobs
1. Rocco Siffredi
2. Jay Sin
3. Omar Galanti
Max Hardcore
KitKatClub in Berlin (Germany)
GGG - John Thompson
Funny Stuff
Euterfreund and Quarktaschenliebhaber
I love BOOOOOOOOOBS!!!!!!!!
-Sylvia McFarland, Valentine LaRoche ...
Retro-Porn (from 1972 to 1985) and Vintage-Erotica
Playboy (from 1970 to 1995)
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